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Together, we will leave a world without vulnerable people.
Let us help them materially and financially for their projects and survivor.


The vulnerable or poor Christian people NGOs that we help in each country are, among others, people who are financially weak, those who have projects to carry out for lack of financial means, isolation, low self-esteem, low level of education and mental health issues, to name a few.

S.A.S.H Finance offers Loan experiences, fundraising opportunities and materials to help address these issues: connecting with other members of their community through volunteer projects; residential stays where they can test themselves to the end and surprise themselves when they succeed; visit new places or discover new things to do.
S.A.S.H Finance offers activities that most of these people would normally get the chance to do.

These vulnerable people also have a say in how activities are carried out and the program is implemented with the help of local businesses, community groups, international banks and Unicef.

The results are people and NGOs who feel more confident, who have broader horizons and new aspirations.


Our sincere thanks for the effort that you, Sr Julián_Falcón_Jemenez is making towards these vulnerable citizens.
We know that our Loan of such an amount of 55.000 dinar (DK) + will not be able to cover all the joys that you foresee, however it will reduce certain expenses for this end of this year. Our support will not be the first nor the last by your side.
May_God bless you abundantly


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